Industry Leadership

SmartWash Solutions is at the forefront of technological advances in the food processing industry. Years of investment and research have resulted in the integration of SmartWash® in food processing plants across the world with spectacular results. SmartWash Solutions products will boost your bottom line with efficiency improvements, guaranteeing a return on your investment. Leadership and innovation are the hallmarks of the SmartWash story.

SmartWash Solutions products together make a revolutionary system that enables fresh cut producers to significantly raise the bar on cost savings, process control, food safety, line efficiency, and monitoring capabilities. The outstanding performance of SmartWash food wash enhancers guarantees the consistent removal of pathogens and mitigation of E. coli and Salmonella cross-contamination,(when used correctly) resulting in fewer recalls that cost the food industry billions of euros a year. Our powerful combination of Science, Engineering and Technology saves money, increases efficiency, and improves food safety.

Preventing Outbreaks

SmartWash Solutions’ system of products is the single, most effective solution to prevent food-borne illness outbreaks in processed food. In food processing and fresh-cut produce environments, chlorine is the gold standard in sanitizing product wash water and equipment rinses. By creating, in effect, chlorine on steroids, SmartWash® mitigates bacterial cross-contamination, eliminating the ability for an outbreak to occur.

Chlorine will destroy bacteria, yeasts, molds, spores and viruses; however, keeping chlorine working at effective levels can be difficult. In addition, organic materials released from cut produce react with chlorine and degrade its efficiency. The SmartWash family of chemicals includes revolutionary food wash solutions that boost and stabilize the pathogen-fighting power of chlorine-based wash systems. SmartWash is able to substantially reduce the spread of harmful pathogens. Our integrated system of products enables you to monitor, control and maintain optimal levels of free chlorine to ensure consistent and effective removal of microbial contaminants, stopping outbreaks and recalls before they happen.

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